Candide Group directs capital away from an extractive global economy to one built upon values of social justice and sustainability.

Our Work

Candide Group was founded by Aner Ben-Ami and Morgan Simon, who have collectively supported over 60 investments in companies and funds over the past five years. We work in close relationship with our clients, including The Libra Foundation, on behalf of members of the Pritzker family. Candide Group is a California State Registered Investment Advisor and only accepts new clients by invitation.

Our Name

Our name, Candide Group, is inspired by the classic French novel, written by Voltaire. Candide is the story of a young man who travels the world and is confronted with overwhelming suffering and injustice. He ultimately returns home and overcomes his powerlessness and despair with a call to concrete, immediate action. The final, famous line of the book is: we must cultivate our garden.

As impact investors, like the character Candide, we struggle every day to understand the nature of good and evil. We prioritize taking action as we attempt to plant the seeds of justice by influencing and organizing capital, alongside others who are working to grow a new economy from the ground up.

Our Story

Candide Group's overall journey and strategy is further outlined in Morgan Simon’s book, Real Impact: The New Economics of Social Change, published by Perseus Book Group in 2017. 

Note: Please see important disclosures regarding this book on our disclosure page.