Candide Group considers investments across all sectors, geographies, asset classes and stages – including direct investments and funds; debt and equity – as long as we believe there is a strong impact story, a viable financial case, and a team with the skills to execute.


  • We have no “one size fits all” offering. We’re willing to be flexible and creative – including in types of capital, check sizes and alternative deal structures –and seek to provide appropriate capital for each unique circumstance.


  • We are action oriented and strive to be quick and nimble (as well as transparent and realistic), in order to meet the needs of the companies and funds we support.


  • We are committed to working alongside diverse stakeholders, from co-investors to affected communities, to understand how different impact strategies apply to a particular context.


  • We aim to conduct an extensive, on-the-ground visit with each opportunity we investigate, from Watts to rural Rwanda, and with five languages spoken amongst our team, we try to work in a local language whenever possible.


  • We don’t shy away from tough conversations about impact, and strive to go beyond asking “is this better?,” to ensure “is this fair?”


  • We rarely ask for specific impact measurements, instead prioritizing impact management – supporting companies as they look to expand their impact over time.


  • We are committed to adding value beyond just capital. We are able to take on a leadership role amongst investors when helpful, aid in fundraising efforts, and provide operational feedback and support to help companies and funds deepen their impact.


  • We strive to leverage our public presence in order to both uplift impact solutions we believe in and meaningfully contribute to conversations in the field.