Candide Group is proud to launch Real Money Moves: a national initiative of athletes, actors, artists and everyday activists who want their money out of private prisons & invested back in communities. 

With the help of celebrities like Taylor Schilling and Alysia Reiner, stars of Orange is the New Black, and NFL player Derrick Morgan, Real Money Moves has over $10M in commitments from celebrities and activists looking to start an important conversation about the power of money.

Candide Group is a member of the Families Belong Together Corporate Accountability Committee

#FAMILIESBELONGTOGETHER San Francisco Rally. September 26th, 2018 outside Wells Fargo HQ

Morgan Simon confronts Wells Fargo rep on Human Rights Policy

IMG_4262 2.jpg

“Both JP Morgan Chase and Wells Fargo have ESG policies that

explicitly reference a commitment to human rights. Given the

daily human rights violations occurring in family detention centers

and private prisons, their continued support of the private prison

industry we believe only serves to widen the credibility gap that

these companies face with both consumers and investors. It’s

hard to see how this is good for business”

— MORGAN SIMON, Founding Partner at Candide Group, Sept. 26, 2018 for #FamiliesBelongTogether National Day of Action

Candide Group is not a grant-making organization and does not accept proposals, however we do make a small number of philanthropic and political contributions each year to holistically support the infrastructure needed for lasting change.