In October 2019, Candide Group launched Olamina Fund

to address the historic lack of access to capital in American communities — namely Black and Native communities, who have faced decades of disinvestment and intentional extraction. This new portfolio includes innovative, impact-oriented loans to a variety of women- and people of color-led private debt providers, such as CDFIs, non-profit loan funds, and other institutions, which invest in critical community staples including small business development, worker cooperatives, and low-income housing.



The current demand for low-risk, high-impact investments that apply a social and racial justice lens is strong. 

The Olamina Fund believes that organizations which are led by people from the communities they serve are ultimately able to manage resources and risk more effectively. Through investing in access to asset-building, high-quality jobs, and self-determination, the Fund seeks to build tangible and sustainable community wealth. In addition to providing capital that is aligned with the needs of these Organizations, we will provide non-financial capital, such as access to networks as part of investment strategy. Unlike traditional loan funds, community borrowers are placed at the center of Olamina’s governance and design of solutions. At the same time, we will seek to honor all stakeholders within the fund through participation in profits and through its Community Advisory Board, which will advise on the fund strategy, review opportunities, and participate on the Credit Committee.



to be deployed over 12 to 18 months. The goal is to fundraise $100M over three to five years.


The Fund will focus on senior unsecured loans of $1m or more to CDFIs and other loan funds, and between $500k and $1M in direct loans to companies and other organizations. In some cases, the Fund may lend to CDFIs through intermediaries who have expertise around a specific community and are able to spur additional investments to smaller CDFIs in their network — as we have seen work well with Indian Country with First Nations Oweesta Corporation.