Real Impact: The New Economics of Social Change 

by Morgan Simon, Candide Group co-founder


Real Impact provides a window into the unprecedented opportunity we have to build a new economy. 

Praise for Real Impact 

“Impact investing is a subject that deserves in-depth, powerful scrutiny. REAL IMPACT offers much of that, and will give readers an introduction into understanding where this kind of work can bring hopeful change and where it can’t. Timely!”

-Bill McKibben, Author of Deep Economy

"A critical cautionary tale--how do we scale social impact investment without leaving anyone behind?Morgan Simon is a master practitioner at inclusive investment; read Real Impact to learn from her compelling example."

-Ben Jealous, Partner, Kapor Capital and former President, NAACP

“Where we invest speaks to our values as a country that prioritizes our collective social welfare. Morgan Simon’s innovative investment approach ensures money can serve as a force for good, for everyone.”

 -Congressman Keith Ellison, House Financial Services Committee

“REAL IMPACT is a unique and valuable teaching tool. Morgan Simon’s expertise in the field is unparalleled, and brilliantly shared through this book.”

-Vikram Gandhi, Senior Lecturer, Harvard Business School

“To drive significant social and environmental progress around the world, investors need to understand how to structure and deliver capital in a way that works for high-impact enterprises. REAL IMPACT highlights the complicated trade-offs they will face along the risk-return spectrum and offers a blueprint for market growth. It helps fill the knowledge gap between optimism and execution.”

 -Debra D. Schwartz, Managing Director of Impact Investments,   MacArthur Foundation

Book Reviews for Real Impact

Publisher's Weekly

A "fast-paced, provoking book" that is "clear-eyed, explicit, and tinged with just the right amount of outrage," REAL IMPACT is a "clarion call that the world of well-meaning social justice activists needs to hear." 

Stanford Social Innovation Review

"Simon's book warns against short-sighted impact investing that brings more benefit to investors than to the communities it supposedly supports."