As impact investors, Candide Group seeks to foster social benefit alongside financial return. We focus on social justice and sustainability, and recognize that manifesting these values will require an intense reorganization of society. That's why we prioritize intersectional and systemic change approaches, both amongst our portfolio and within specific investments.


  • Many impact investors focus on a particular area such as food, water or renewable energy. We view all social issues as fundamentally intersectional and we believe that it's impossible to effectively address just one challenge, for instance climate change, without also addressing land rights, institutional racism, and food access. Therefore we choose to support investments across sectors.

  • We strive to make connections across the spheres of investing, organizing, and politics, and create opportunities to broaden access to capital.

  • We value diversity (our team is over 50% women and people of color), and seek to support a diverse community of entrepreneurs and fund managers.


  • In choosing particular opportunities to support, our philosophy is that HOW something is being done is just, if not more important than WHAT is being done. All companies can practice community accountability, ensure right livelihoods for employees, protect the planet, and spread wealth equitably amongst all stakeholders. 

  • We seek to support what we see as best-in-class impact solutions across industries, prioritizing those that have the potential to catalyze market transformations.


  • At Candide Group, we believe that just as we maintain a diverse network of co-investors and market experts to fulfill our financial mandates, we also must maintain structures of community accountability and connection in order to ensure that our impact choices address the world’s most pressing needs, as defined by those most directly affected.

  • We regularly attend social justice gatherings, in whatever capacity is appropriate and invited (i.e. as volunteer note-takers), in order to build meaningful relationships with frontline communities and learn about their needs.

  • We also, as much as possible, work within the frame of the Transform Finance Principles—seeking to add more value than we extract with every investment we support, in projects that prioritize community participation in design, governance and ownership.